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Friday, June 18, 2010

Continuing the series on black and white wedding themes.


A black and white wedding is suitable for many wedding styles. One of the most adaptable is a relaxed country-style wedding. This in turn could be of the grand manor house variety or be cozy and pretty cottage affair.

When I talk about country style I don't mean the frilly, fussy and contrived country style of a couple of years ago. I'm talking about a contemporary version with easy coordination, retro touches, romantic overtones and attention to small details. The type of wedding where everybody is at ease - in the spirit of old time country weddings when an entire villiage and district would turn up. And invitations, favors, flowers and food were homemade, handmade and self made.

If you want to go upmarket with a more sophisticated touch, the venue could be a pretty country hotel, an established country club, a country estate complete with manor house, or an old wayside inn. In the European countries you could opt for a rural French chateau, a German Landhaus, a Swedish slott or the equivalents of these in old countries.

Then again it might be a vintage town or church hall, a childhood home, a barn on a farm or a summer cottage garden. The venue can even be the couple’s own first cottage, townhouse or apartment if it is a small event with only the closest friends and family attending. Intimate wedding celebrations have been of the nicest I have attended and I see a return to this trend now that weddings that have the budget of a small country, might be out of financial reach for many people.
There are many ways to get country-ease even in the busiest city. It all depends on the mood and the look. Keep it informal and make it pretty. Once you've decided on a style your next task will be to choose a graphic for your black and white wedding theme.

Staying with the country-style, a suitable BW graphic could be:

• An old engraving or lithograph
• An illustration from a vintage advertisement
• A toile de Jouy-type bucolic landscape and people
• A BW botanical print
• A woodcut or scraperboard illustration
• An etching
• A pen and ink drawing
• Folksy paper cutouts – many countries have folk tradition of paper cutting and contemporary artists love this medium too.
• Black and White Clipart
• A bold lino cut or silkscreen
• A black and white photograph of a romantic scene, flowers or vintage wedding.

It is important to start with a suitable graphic because your wedding stationery sets the tone for the entire black and white wedding theme. It’s a winning choice – whether you choose plain white budget stationery or fancy textured paper. You could also opt for cream or ivory colored paper - especially if your dress is going to be any of these tones.

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