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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I have been doing a lot of travelling since the last post, so my blog has been severely neglected. However, I'm back with a new series on black and white wedding themes.
A black and white wedding theme might be a novel idea to many brides-to-be, but this classic, dynamic, graphic, sophisticated and romantic combination really is the best of all wedding color schemes.

These colors combine effortlessly. No complicated matching of exact shades and colors across a variety of materials and wedding products! No need to carry around swatches and samples. Black and white is black and white. Even if there are slight variations of tone, it will still be interpreted as black and white. Or you could consciously choose crème or ivory in stead of pure white for paper, textiles and your dress.

It is a very versatile scheme – and need I say it – SO fashionable right now. You can dress these two colors up or down. They are perfect for any style and can be adapted to any theme.

The beauty of planning for a black and white wedding is that this color scheme enhances both the most sophisticated and the most humble of materials. Flowers, crockery, cutlery and table linen all benefit from this color partnership.

Fine bone china and silver reach a new level of sophistication. Paper picnic ware and plastic cutlery instantly develop a cheerful smartness. White stoneware takes on a bistro air. And pretty mismatched china becomes a unified cottagey collection when teamed with black and white. Think black and white gingham, dots or stripes as background to mismatched floral china.

There is no need for specific black and white wedding supplies either. Those "plain white” items from the caterer are exactly what you need. Embrace all the regular white crockery, chairs, tents and flowers. And keep an eye out for “budget” items from discount stores. They’re just waiting for sassy black and white accessories.

The discount special on “black ink and plain stock” card and paper from the printer is tailor made for your black and white wedding invitations and other stationery. Just add a black and white ribbon to a card with stock wedding graphics and you suddenly have something special.
Or better still – print them yourself.

Because this is a perfect, foolproof, easy – and best of all – budget color scheme, it is ideal for crafters, printable crafts and do it yourself weddings.
Anni Arts has Black and White Wedding printables in a pretty BW paper-cutout design, as downloads, CD and scrapbookitems
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Silver and white make a nice alternative and is also applicable to silver wedding anniversaries
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