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Thursday, January 21, 2010

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VINTAGE VALENTINES A History of Printed Scraps
The images of vintage Valentines, so popular today, are closely associated with the development of scraps, scrapbooking, card making and decoupage.

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The small images, referred to as scraps, developed first from black and white engravings and hand-coloured lithographs to colour-printed chromolithographs. From the early 1800’s to the 1930’s, scraps were used to decorate specially manufactured blank greeting cards, albums, boxes and furniture such as room screens. The scraps portrayed a vast spectrum of themes, including the outrageously romantic.

From the 1850s, sheets of scrap reliefs were especially manufactured for Valentines with small corner scraps that were surrounded by main ornamentation and verses. Tiny scraps of embossed figures, children, trumpets, hearts and flowers were arranged on sheets and could be added to the Valentines.

Flowers were also an important theme on printed cards and images of magnificent bouquets were printed on cards of exceptional paper quality. Sometimes manufacturers printed interesting words and verses on the back of scraps. Scrap reliefs were often hinged and then showed the verse when opened.

A further development of the valentine card was the much cherished Valentine box. These were often very elaborate, costly to produce and many hours in the making. The boxes were decorated on the outside and inside with scrap reliefs of flowers, hearts, birds and other images, ribbons, beads and feathers.

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Valentines were in decline by the early 1900's. They had almost fallen into disuse when they were revived by the English printer Raphael Tuck in 1926. After another period of decline due to WW II, Valentines steadily rose in popularity again to become the lucrative business it is today.

Printable crafts in our day continue the tradition of special paper crafts for Valentines. And those original vintage Valentines from the heyday of scraps are once more produced as elements for scrapbooks, card making, journaling and decoupage.

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