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Monday, June 22, 2009


Part five in the series of uses for printable crafts

Favors for Special Occasions. A Favor is a small token of appreciation. For example: a guest can give a favor to a hostess for having been invited for dinner. Or the hostess can give guests a small favor, usually by putting it at each place setting. The most famous favors are of course those given to wedding guests by the bridal couple. And then there are the "loot bags" of children's parties.

Printable crafts were made for the creation of pretty favor containers. Such containers enhance the contents of the favor. Printable packaging can be customized with carefully chosen graphics and personalized for each recipient. And packaging that you print yourself cost a fraction of store-bought ones. I am astounded by how speciality packaging in the stores almost cost as much as the gift!

Many packaging templates are very quick to assemble and I would recommend them for favors. More expensive gifts can have special packaging that take more of your time.

• A cone printed out as a complete template on paper or cardstock can be filled with candy, chocolates, almonds or wrapped sweets. The items can first be wrapped in a tissue cone before inserting that into the printed cone. Either put the cone on a plate at each place setting, or attach a handle and hang it from a chair. Cones are also great on Xmas trees and Easter branches.

• A small shopping-type bag is another perfect container, as it can be filled with anything from chocolates to a charm bracelet. Either seal it with a sticker, or add handles from ribbon or a paper strip. Add a tag with a message.

• Pillow packets are easy to construct and snap into a puff pillow that can contain a hankie, candy, votive candles, soap and so on.

• A little box is trickier to construct, but it turns even a single chocolate truffle nestled in tissue paper into a glamorous presentation.

• Then there are flat envelope-sized packets that can be filled with cocoa, coffee, small sweets, seeds, bath salts or a single flattish cookie.(Put anything that can make grease spots in food safe plastic packets first.)

Use versatile printable crafts next time you need a nifty favor container for a hostess, wedding, guest or birthday party.

Happy printable crafting


The items above are printables from Anni Arts Wedding Favors in pink, black and white. There are other colors available too, as well as a Template Collection to use with your own paper or the Anni Arts printable Pattern Pages for template crafts. Do subscribe for Anni Arts freebies!

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