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Monday, June 15, 2009


Part four in the series on the wonders and possibilities of printable crafts.

Little gifts and tokens of appreciation are perfect items that can be crafted with printables. We all sometimes need to give a "little something" gift. A small token of acknowledgement, congratulations, or thank you. To wish someone luck or hope, or to get well. Or as a birthday gift to e.g. a co-worker. You may not know them very well, but you would still like to acknowledge her or his special day.

Printable crafts are one way to make a modest item special by personalizing it, or to specially create a new item entirely for the recipient.

I am assuming that besides your computer and suitable software, you also have basics like scissors, a craft knife, a steel-edged ruler or guillotine, glue and suitable paper or cardstock to print on.

• An easy, favorite and all-occasion winner is to print a pretty wrapping with personalized text for a bar of chocolate. Two of the most widely available and suitable sizes are 1.55 oz Hershey bars and 100g European chocolate slabs.

There are ready-to-print wrappers available online if you want have a quick and ready solution, or you can use a printable motif and put it in a repeat pattern in a graphics program. A printable vignette picture can also be glued to colored card or paper in a matching color.
Then you could still add a matching printable tag and a printable border design as ribbon around the middle of the bar. A wrapped choc is one of the most versatile quick gifts – and the chocolate bar itself can be an ordinary, budget bar or a luxurious one. The Green and Blacks Organic 100g bar of dark chocolate and a Lindt 100g bar are examples of the latter.

Tip: Unless you buy special made-for-wrapping bars, make your personalized wrapping over the original wrapping so that the recipient can check ingredients in case of allergies.

• A bottle of wine can be personalized with a custom printable label too. Cut your label slightly bigger than the one on the bottle, but leave the small back label visible. You can also soak the label off first (which would remove the back label too) or scratch it off gently with a craft knife.

The same goes for a cooldrink bottle, beer bottle or a health drink – even a bottle of water.

• Items like luggage tags and small sewing kits or shower cap packets are practical little gifts for someone going on a journey. The luggage tag can be laminated in plastic if you have inserted or typed the recipients address already.

• A pretty printable box or packet will elevate a small, gift into something special. Like a golf ball in a custom box, bath salts or potpourri in a pretty packet and candy in a cone.

• Or what about something drinkable like a few special teabags or coffee pods in little printable envelopes, or cocoa in a little bag.

• Lollipops can have little personalized covers and these can be inserted into a bunch of flowers, or can be tied together with a ribbon like a bunch of flowers.

• Candles are another versatile and inexpensive gift. Add a printable wrapper around two candles or around a pillar candle and add a coordinating tag. A votive candle in a glass container can also be dressed up this way.

• Add a printable topper to a packet of home baked cookies. Add a custom label or a tag.

Tip: Wrap any food that can spill or stain in food-safe plastic or cellophane first.

• Nice artisan soap is another item that can be wrapped and beautifully presented with the help of printable crafts. Wrap the soap in plain or printed paper. Then add a border design around the bar and add a tag or label.

• Any bath product – like bath oil, bubble bath or bath salts – can be personalized with a printable label. Tie a matching tag around the neck of the bottle with a pretty ribbon.
Again, I would leave back labels intact so that the recipient can read the ingredients in case if an allergy.

Tip: Why not make up coordinated combinations of many of the above for unique personalized gifts? Coordinate printable craft motifs and colors and put the items in a basket, pretty bag or gallon can for a "pamper hamper."

Printable crafts can also be combined with store bought items to round out a single item.
You can combine drinking chocolate in a printable packet with marshmallows in a bought mug. The above-mentioned teabags or coffee pods can be combined with a mug too.

A small toy can be combined with a bouquet of customized lollipops for a sick child and a book can be combined with a printed bookmark and wrapped chocolate.

These budget-friendly ideas can all be used to solve those "little gift" dilemmas for any occasion.

Happy printable crafting


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