This is the Anni Arts blog dedicated to printable crafts. I want to share my passion with you and pass on tips, ideas, photos and articles for inspiring printables. I will also post articles about other crafts, folk art, design and art, as well as updates on many products that feature the Anni Arts designs.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hello all printable crafts lovers!

This is a new Anni Arts blog dedicated to printable crafts. I want to share my passion with you and pass on tips and ideas for inspiring printables.

I just love designing printables, because I can create the same products that I have always loved to design: stationery, cards, packaging, labels and books.
Pretty things.
The only difference is that I mostly design craft products these days and do less corporate work. But the design process is essentially the same.

Holidays and occasions provide high points to the year and are nice events to look forward to. The retail shops would like you to spend a lot of money on each special day as it rolls along, but printable crafts are a much better option.

You can enjoy and get into the spirit of each event for very little effort or cost.
Printable crafts have come a long way since the first heady days of desktop printing in full color. The average inkjet printer now prints with the quality that only the commercial printer down the road could once aspire to.

And that is what makes contemporary printable crafts so great as a creative hobby. The printing results are so good that your printables look like the products in the stores. Plus you can decorate and personalize to your heart’s content.

I will be writing about creative printable crafts and projects in up-coming posts. Do have a look at Anni Arts in the meantime.


Printable Crafts on the Photo from the Blue Delft Bird range by Anni Arts

An extended range of the Delft Bird is also on the Bumper "Best Of" CD

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